INTRODUCING THE 2022 Kia Carnival Life Utility Vehicle

From its bold look to its innovative interior and all the technology in between, the Carnival reinvents what it looks and feels like to drive a family vehicle. For everything you LUV in life, there’s the Kia Carnival – the first-ever Life Utility Vehicle.
From 34,495

Advanced Safety

Forward Collision Avoidance Assist with Junction Turning Function

Turning left at an intersection can be tricky, especially with precious cargo in the back. With available Forward Collision Avoidance Assist with Junction Turning Function, the brakes will automatically be applied if the system detects a potential collision, giving you more confidence when entering an intersection.'

Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Avoidance Assist

Whether it's a crowded parking lot or simply your driveway, backing out has never been easier. This available system will warn you if it detects a vehicle approaching from the left or right, and even apply the brakes for you, allowing you to reverse safely.1

Blind Spot Collision Avoidance Assist

The Carnival has eyes all over. With available Blind Spot Collision Avoidance Assist, you will be alerted if another vehicle has entered your blind spot while changing lanes, ensuring that you are always merging safely when you're on the road.1

Front and Rear Parking Sensors

Parallel parking doesn't have to be nerve-wracking anymore. Available parking sensors on the front and the back of the Carnival warn you of any obstacles when you're getting into a tight space. Now you can confidently show off those parking skills.1

Interior Comfort

Smart Power Liftgate and Power Sliding Doors

A big family means a busy life, and it's impossible to predict what you will have your hands full with next. With available Smart Power Liftgate and Power Sliding Doors, the Carnival will open up for you automatically, saving you the hassle of having to put every down and pick it back up again.

Heated and Ventilated Seats

Cold mornings are no match for the Carnival's available 1st and 2nd row Heated and Ventilated Seats. Not only can you stay warm, but you can set the 2nd row seats to available Relaxation mode can fold your seat back and lift your legs into the air when you really need to take a load off after a long school day.

12.3" Multimedia Screen with Navigation

The crystal clear available 12.3" Infotainment and Navigation system gives you cinematic display including Split Screen with multi-tasking capability, voice recognition, and seamless Bluetooth connection.2

Multi-Zone Auto Climate Control

What do you do when you're freezing cold but your family feels hot? With available Multi-Zone Auto Climate Control you can make sure everyone in your Carnival is comfortable at all times.


All images are for illustrative purposes only.

1. Please note that your vehicle may not be equipped with all features described. This also applies to safety-related systems and functions. None of the features we describe are intended to replace the driver’s responsibility to exercise due care while driving and are not a substitute for safe driving practices. Some features may have technological limitations. For additional information regarding the various features, including their limitations and restrictions, please refer to your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual.

2. When equipped with the navigation system, French voice commands may be limited.

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