Use the 2018 Kia Sorento To Find Your Next Adventure

If you enjoy being active or taking fun trips, a midsize SUV could be the perfect vehicle for you. With plenty of room, great gas mileage and top safety ratings, it might be worthwhile to see if the 2018 Kia Sorento can handle all of the requirements for your next adventure. Whether you drive a lot, need to haul cargo or want to drive on unconventional terrain, here’s how this impressive SUV can help support your active lifestyle.

After a full day of activities, driving home in a cramped, uncomfortable car probably isn’t what you’re looking forward to. The Kia Sorento has plenty of legroom with comfortable seating. Even the third row has more room than in many other SUVs. The smart liftgate opens automatically if you need to load cargo in the back, but your hands are full. As for interior features, there are plenty of easy-to-use and convenient additions, like the navigation system and a 10-speaker Infinity surround-sound audio system.

The 2018 Kia Sorento has additional sensors and cameras that can help you navigate the road more safely. They can help you identify blind spots, switch lanes and back up. The windshield wipers even automatically activate when it rains. The headlights also adjust, and the autonomous emergency braking along with the forward collision warning can help you avoid accidents.

If your job or favorite hobbies include a lot of equipment or rougher terrains, you can get a V6 engine or all-wheel drive. Even the base-model includes plenty of fun features for those wanting to stick with a smaller budget but have the best benefits of the 2018 Kia Sorento. With all the different models and choices available, you can survey them at your leisure to find a vehicle that fits your specific needs. Come see us at Performance Kia and let us help you find the right model for you.